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Engaging a designer is a matter of trust.

WHaywood Section

" We engaged Lawrie to help plan our house for us around the end of 2009. We gave Lawrie a brief on what we were looking for, as well as a basic floor plan. Lawrie promptly drew up a plan, which incorporated some very original ideas including a curved wall in our hall/dining area that as well as serving as a thermal mass has become a major feature in the house.

Whilst the plan evolved over time it stayed remarkably true to Lawrie's first ideas. The house was built between October 2010 and July 2011 and we have ended up with a beautiful architect designed home, combining lots of space with a feeling of cosiness in the winter. We have also been able to retain the original French style cottage and the new build has wherever possible complemented the original cottage.

Lawrie is a very talented architect, and his plans were detailed enough to support some interesting building challenges to achieve our dream. I thought of him as providing our quality control, he worked very well with our excellent builder but during our absences was there almost daily to ensure no one was going "off plan".

If you are looking for a talented architect to help you put your dream home into reality I would have no hesitation in recommending Lawrie."

Nigel & Caroline Hartley, Penrose, Southern Highlands.

Lawrie has designed two extensions for our Surry Hills terrace and is also currently designing a larger scale development for us, in another property.

I have been very impressed with Lawrie's work, both in the ideas he has brought to the projects as well as the finished results. Lawrie is easy to work with, he has been brilliant at interpreting our initial ideas and putting them into practice, and he has played a huge part in making the projects relatively stress free.

He has been a great help with DAs, and his knowledge of real-word building has been a huge advantage when dealing with our builders.

I could not recommend more highly.

Peter Wielk, Surry Hills, Sydney.

My husband and I have contracted Lawrence Huxley to design and supervise construction of two family homes, the first in a coastal location, and the second in a difficult riverside bush setting. We are presently utilising his services in planning an extension to our current home to accommodate the installation of a lift. In all stages of these projects we have found Lawrence to be easy to work with. He worked within our budget parameters, was receptive to our ideas, and willing to offer suggestions in order to give us homes with the style and functionality we desired.

We have no hesitation in recommending him as an excellent architect with integrity and skill in design, and in overseeing a project from beginning to end.

Helen and David Pain, Kiama

Design me a house with four bedrooms and a grand central kitchen and living space. My son wants an attic, I am building it myself so no expensive stuff for building and I want it to suit the old Bundanoon mainstreet landscape. Lawrie came back with a design that met all my criteria and looked great, fitting well on the sloping block and in the unique Bundanoon streetscape. It was economical to build though it looked a million dollars.

Visitors love it. I live in a bedsit basement now and at weekends let the top of the house. I get wonderful testimonials of how great the house is, especially how people can cook and gather together. Lawrie is a unique and creative designer who understands the economics of building. He is a man of his word and trustworthy.

I would be happy for anyone to visit the house (by appointment) if you wish to check out his design.

Photos can be seen on the stayz website, it is called Paddys Place

Paddy Murray, Bundanoon, Southern Highlands