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What I can provide

Extensions & Renovations 

Development Applications

Construction Certificates

Site Implementation 

Building Measured Studies

House Plans


Builder Selection

Drafting Services


A full service would include all of the stages outlined below or depending on your requirements may only include some of these.


Through meetings with the client, site analysis and preliminary investigation of authority regulations & requirements, develop a brief for the proposed building.

Prepare an initial design proposal to satisfy the brief, with sketches and plans to explain the concept.


Develop the approved design in more detail, refining until the client is happy with the proposal and approves progress to the next stage.

Recommend and engage required consultants and coordinate their brief and work.


Prepare site analysis plan, building plans, elevations and sections.

Prepare a Statement of Environmental Effects.

Prepare a Building Sustainability Index Certificate - BASIX.

Engage expert consultants to prepare other reports if required by council, ie. Bushfire Report, Flora & Fauna Report etc.

Arrange & attend pre-application meeting with council if needed.

Prepare & assist the client with the DA forms & lodgement.


Prepare more detailed, fully dimensioned drawings including plans, elevations & sections, schedules and details, and a specification of materials, finishes & quality of work, all for Construction Certificate approval.

Submit documents with certifier for approval.

Prepare additional details and drawings as required for tender.


Prepare a list of the preferred builders with the client.

Prepare a tender package of all relevant documents and issue to tendering builders

Answer any inquiries from the builders during the tender period.

Receive the tenders. With the client assess the tenders, advise the client, and negotiate with the successful builder.


During the construction period, visit the site on a regular basis to check the building works are carried out in accordance with the contract documents.

Provide the builder with instructions & answer his queries.

Review shop drawings provided by the builder.

Prepare any additional details required from matters arising during construction or from client variations.


Charges are based on the scope of work, the complexity of the building and the services provided and are a fixed sum calculated once these details are known.

Any additional work that arises from client variations that occur after the Development Application are charged on an hourly rate agreed beforehand.

I know that a building project can be a very stressful time for any client and make every effort to ensure that the process is as stress free as possible.