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Professional Experience

WHartley N Elevation

After graduating from Sydney University with a degree in Architecture, for ten years Lawrie worked in a number of architects offices in Sydney both large and small. During these years he gained experience working on a variety of buildings including schools, banks, group housing, a major hospital, a shopping centre, a large sporting facility, a retirement village, a sewerage works, factories, apartments and individual houses.

Lawrie had also undertaken training in music recording and written a thesis on recording studio acoustics. In this same period he renovated a warehouse in Chippendale in central Sydney, converting it into a small recording studio, a film editing suite, artists studio space and a flat where he lived. For a time he also worked as a recording engineer and studio assistant at CBS Records (later to become Sony Music).

Becoming disillusioned with the corporate world of the multinational music industry he returned to architectural work where he linked up with Sulman Award winning architect Ian McKay with whom he had a previous working relationship. This proved a fruitful partnership which continued for over twenty years and produced many satisfying and rewarding buildings. Projects included individual houses, townhouses, apartments, alterations and additions, holiday and resort accommodation, shops, offices, schools, hotels and motels, council chambers and community centres. The majority of these commissions were in Sydney and Byron Bay, with the occasional job in other areas of country NSW.

Ian McKay retired last year concluding their long working partnership and now Lawrie is concentrating his practice in the Southern Highlands of NSW where he has lived for the past sixteen years.

While enjoying work on all types of buildings Lawrie's true passion is for houses. He gains satisfaction from knowing his clients are the end users, and he can build meaningful relationships where his design decisions have a real and lasting impact on their lifestyle and environment.

From years of experience, Lawrie understands site conditions and planning, spatial flow, climate control, light, building construction and materials, structures, construction and joinery detailing and statutory and council requirements. All facets that inform the design of a building and coalesce into a successful project.